Efficiency That Saves Money

Create an efficient Workflow, aided by timenote:

  • Survey the Turn-Overs and expenditures of your projects
  • Catch the actual status of your orders with a glimpse
  • Only billable achievements will be evaluated

Only a lucid controlling tool is able to save you money!

timenote Licensing: Transparency

The Usage of timenote is based on a transparent pricing-model:

For Every User we charge 5,- EUR monthly (VAT included)

An Agency with 20 employees pays 100,- EUR monthly, for example.
Measured by the Savings through a efficient Time- and Projectmanagement, these costs are nominal.

If you want to install the timenote Web-Application on one of your own Servers, you may contact us for an individual offer.

See it for yourself: Get a free 30 Days Trial of timenote today.