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timenote is a web based time tracking software for small or medium sized enterprises and freelancers. Experience high precision and enjoy great simplicity for your invoices. And it's even inexpensive, too!

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Clearly arranged and flexible: this will be appreciated by all of your employees

Efficient and at the same time intuitive time management

Simple and transparent pricing system

Track you time online at any time - via desktop or app

Full control over projects, sales and budgets

Simple administration of employees and customers

Functional Range


There's nothing more important in modern work environments than a clear and structured planning of projects, as well as fast access to needed information like work progress and tracked hours of employees.

Timenote is assisting you during the whole project phase and also offers you a broad range of tools, so that you can keep your head clear at any time and make the right decisions.

Timenote offers you the following:

  • Intuitive and simple assignment of projects to employees
  • Permission Management System - limit the access of your employees as far as you'd like to
  • Clearly arrangend weekly overview (tracked hours, billable hours etc.)


Vacation Calendar
Vacation Calendar

Beneath the tracking of work time it is also useful to have an overview over the absences and leave days of your employees.

Following absences along with public holidays can be tracked:

  • Leave days (inkl. calculation of the remaining days of vacation, configuration of holiday entitlement, carryover of the last year)
  • Intended vacation (can be tracked by each employee on his own)
  • Sick notes
  • Days for apprenticeship
  • Days released from work


All tracked absences can be viewed by all of your employees with the help of a well structured calendar.

Time Tracking
  • As Time-Recorder tagged employees, record their Working-Hours due to entering: Duration, Start- and Endtime within the Time-Recording-View. Additionally it’s necessary to define a Projects respectively an Assignment.
  • As a Time-Recorder you choose your activity from a pre defined spectrum, checking a checkbox if the activity is billable or not. Even a notice can be left if the reporter wants to.
  • In the evaluation section the billable hours will be calculated together with the hourly rate of an employee resulting in the sales.

The evaluation section offers you the following functionality:

  • Charts showing the sum of all tracked hours a day/project over a chosen period of time
  • Pie charts for projects, customers, employees and services
  • Listing of costs and hours summed up and assigned to employees and projects
  • Detailed listing of all project times
  • A weekly overview over tracked hours of your employees


Time tracker will only be able to view their assigned projects, filtered by time period. "Reporter" on the other hand can additionally filter evaluations for projects or employees.

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